Alexandre GIGLEUX

Consultant at SonarSource, working where simple and efficient answers have to be given to complex problems.

Personal Details

35 Years Old - Married - 2 Child
Leaving between France and Swiss, Working wherever I can get connected, Travelling in US / India.

+33 (0)6 71 04 45 90 - @agigleux - LinkedIn

Career Objectives

Learn, Learn, Learn, Innovate & Industrialize

Main Skills

JAVA, Quality, Testing, Performance, Finance

Self-Motivated, Rigorous

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All my skills. It'll blow your mind.

Rather than limiting myself with a short list, here all technologies, projects, I worked on, at a moment of my career.

(see the full list of words here)


I'm not attending so much trainings, all the knowledge is available online so why staying on a meeting room for hours when you can get all you needs on your hands at any time?
The only event I can't miss, is DEVOXX. It's a breath, bringing you outside of your usual business, very instructive.

My Personal Activities. What do I do when I'm not at work?

I'm playing Drums, supporting friends Web Sites and Commit on Open Source Projects:

I'm a Drums Addict since I'm 15 years old.

Le Gite «Chalet La Cabiotte» est un châlet en bois de type F3 situé à Etobon en Haute-Saône (70).
Il est situé au coeur de la forêt de Champagney dans un village 264 habitants.
Gîte à Etobon (70) France

Chambres d'Hôtes à Bruley (Lorraine - 54 - Meurthe et Moselle) au coeur du Domaine Viticole du Toulois Laroppe près de Toul et Nancy
La Chaponière Laroppe (54) France

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